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We understand. Your past relationships with learning iOS were superficial.

You hooked up with that hot iOS programming book and not three days into the relationship, you’re confused. You don’t know what you want any more. You have needs and it doesn’t understand. It came and it left, taking your $60 with it.

You’re on the rebound

Enter TinkerLearn.

TinkerLearn is the friend with mega-benefits.

Instead of written tutorials or videos, TinkerLearn gives you the geeky but sultry source code to real apps, written by the Mysterious Trousers team, allowing you to get straight to the point of learning iOS. TinkerLearn is so hot right now.

Make the First Move

How it Works


You download a real, working app to your computer-machine


We guide you through the code, explaining things as you go


As you make changes, you build the app and see the results instantly


You start feeling smarter and let’s face it, better-looking

Free Sample Lesson

To use our lessons, you'll need a Mac running the latest version of MacOS X and Xcode. You can get Xcode on the App Store here: http://bit.ly/wfJoU5

Lessons & Pricing

We have a lesson plan that walks you step-by-step through the process of creating an app -- even if you’ve never written a lick of code before. All our lessons are priced individually so you only pay for what you need.

Core lessons

# Lesson Who is it for Price
0 Clues Everyone Free
1 Buttons Beginner $1.99
2 Tips Beginner to Intermediate $2.99
3 Shapes Intermediate $3.99
4 Browser Intermediate to Advanced $4.99
5 Todos Advanced $5.99

Or you can get the entire Core Curriculum at once for just a penny under $15.

We also have a more advanced catalog of projects that focus on specific technologies around iOS, like using the camera, creating games, and manipulating your iPhone's calendar. We will be adding several catalog projects every month.

Catalog Projects

Lesson Who is it for Price
Events Advanced $3.99
Twic Intermediate to Advanced $3.99
Gratuity Beginner to Intermediate $2.99
Feeder Intermediate to Advanced $4.99

Lastly, we're experimenting with new languages and frameworks which we call Labs.


Lesson Who is it for Price
StripeBar Advanced $4.99

Now's a good time to request a project topic if you're dying to learn something we haven't covered yet!


I spent my winter break trying to teach myself iOS programming. I purchased a book on iOS Development and another on Objective-C programming. Neither got me as far as your tutorial."

I like how the information is written inside of Xcode and promotes reading through the code. This is better than trying to read a separate guide and look at Xcode at the same time.”

I like the "dive in and do stuff" approach, and the explanation of all of the methods."

This is a very cool learning method. This is a great way to get familiar with the IDE itself while following the lessons, and generally a great hands-on way of learning.”

**Great tutorial for beginners!**”

Really fun! I feel like this is going to be an amazing way to learn about making iOS apps. Very excited to try more and more of these!”

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